Ghost town at Rhyolite, NV. The town was formed in a flurry of wealth during the gold rush of 1904 and was abandoned by 1916. Remains of a 3-story Cook Bank Building are shown above. The three-story structure was erected in 1908 at a cost of $90,000, It had marble floors, electric lights, steam heat, a post office, bank and business offices. 


Dusk at Mesquite Sand Dunes

Before Dawn at Stovepipe Wells, CA

Sunrise at Zabriskie Point

Sunrise at Zabriskie Point

Colorful rock formations at the Artists' Pallette. Strangely varied colors in the volcanic rocks are caused by oxidation.

A shed at the Rhyolite Ghost Town

A photographer focuses intensely on her work.

Badwater Basin Salt Flats.

Cactus Detail

Truck Hulk

Ruins of the Porter Brothers Store

Dawn at the Mesquite Sand Dunes

The Mesquite Dunes are up to 140' high and surrounded by mountains. Many movies have been filmed here, including parts of "Star Wars."


Mysterious stones at the "Racetrack" seem to have ambulated on their own but scientists showed it actually happens due to a combination of wind and melting and freezing ice over the winter. 

The Ubehebe crater resulted from a volcanic eruption only 2,000 years ago.

Some rare water in the desert at Salt Creek.